Little Horsecroft Cottage


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The careful restoration and extension of the Little Horsecroft Cottage is part of a wider strategy for the entire Little Horscroft Estate (including the adjacent Little Horsecroft Barn). The cottage is a 19th century farmhouse with an earlier 17th century core. A holistic approach to site means that the barn and cottage work together — both functionally, in terms of access and flexible accommodation; and, ecologically, by sharing a freshwater borehole; ground source heat pumps; reed beds; and solar energy.

“We are genuinely delighted with the architect input into design and delivery—converting our cottage from a damp, dark, draughty, impractical and structurally unsound building into a strong, cosy, light, user and eco friendly building with a clear demarcation but satisfying harmony between old and new.” 

— Peter Kilner, client



Suffolk, UK


250 sqm



Proposed Site Plan

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Existing front elevation from garden path

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